A Whole New Journey

A Whole New Journey

A Whole New Journey

May 31, 2023

We've been heads down (hi!) working on a radically new and improved Journey experience for the last few months.

After months of careful alpha testing and iterations, we're delighted to introduce the beta to the world.

Since starting Journey three years ago, we've noticed a few problems and issues in the world and we used those as the main input for Journey 2.0 (aka Journey)

Making content look great on mobile is hard

We constantly found that users would embed slides, PDFs or videos and they'd look average at best on mobile. We found this particularly painful with slides — it's really hard to make 16:9 rectangles look great on portrait mobile screens!

The Journey UI needs to be invisible

We had a constant quandary of wanting to ensure recipients knew that there was more to the Journey than the initial step they were looking at but not to have the Journey UI distract from the underlying content.

Brand and Colours matter

People want their Journeys to look relevant and tied to their brand and logo. This makes embeds even more difficult, since we cannot control those.

Journeys and the Pyramids

It may be a mystery as to how the pyramids were constructed, but we do know that they were constructed with blocks. We were (admittedly only very slightly) inspired by the pyramids and as such have evolved Journey to be block based.

You can now create all sorts of content directly within Journey. We distilled the constructs that form a slide into a number of blocks and flexible layouts, allowing you to create delightful and beautiful content natively within Journeys.

Because we're block based, we're able to adjust these blocks based on your brand colour and the recipient device — you now have your Journey be any colour you desire, and it'll always look great on mobile.

In creating our new block based Journey, we've found that it's a supremely creative experience -- it's fun to be able to drag and sequence blocks in all sorts of ways to tell your story.

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Start telling better stories

Start telling better stories

Start telling better stories