Generative Sales Journeys

Generative Sales Journeys

Generative Sales Journeys

June 13, 2023

Solving the limitations of GPT

Generative AI is amazing. We were excited to introduce Generative Sales Journeys — never write sales material again!

However we rapidly found that whilst this use case would be tremendous, it was greatly limited by the knowledge cut off date of GPT.

Obviously companies and startups change, so working off a 2021 knowledge corpus was insufficient.

We've worked to solve this by pairing our in-house datasets with third party vendors like Clearbit and Brandfetch, to allow Journey to automagically create sales material that is as up to date as your website.

Generate a Journey about why < x> should use <y>

Journey can now generate sales material (in the form of a Journey, obviously) about any business — we felt this was intriguing, but wanted to go further, so we decided to make this feature so that we do not just describe that business, but talk about that businesses benefits to a specific lead or prospect, ostensibly someone that you're trying to convince to use your product.

Put simply, rather than describing the features of Retool, we instead describe the benefits that Clerky would get from using Retool.

We feel this is a profound step forward — although there is much more work to do! — in terms of helping sales and marketing teams tell excellent stories. No longer are you simply pasting the prospects logo into a generic slide deck and calling it a day, and no longer are you having to write a bunch of slides for a prospect that you do not even know is interested.

With Journey, you can create totally personalized sales material for every single prospect customer that you're talking to — in seconds.

These Journeys are not only custom content, but also branded with the prospects logo, and themed with your organisation logo and colours — automagically.

Where this is going

We believe the future of sales material is fully generated, but to get from here to there will take a significant amount of time — right now, we think of the manifestation of this vision as a percentage: Journey can automagically write sales material x% of the way to being ready to share externally.

We're obviously not today at the point where Journey can automagically write sales material 100% of the way to it being ready to share externally. But we feel getting even 50% of the way there is a huge leap forwards — we've seen time and time with generative AI tools that it's so much easier for people to edit and tweak (even drastically) than start from a blank canvas.

How you can help

We need to flex our AI muscles by generating a ton of these Journeys. Similarly we need them viewed and we need to hear feedback and see how people edit and tweak them. This information feeds our prompts to improve and propel our generative tools forwards.

We'd love to see what you generate with Journey — sign up and get generating today!

Start telling better stories

Start telling better stories

Start telling better stories