How Jarron from JumpCrew generates pipeline (without emails or phone calls)

How Jarron from JumpCrew generates pipeline (without emails or phone calls)

How Jarron from JumpCrew generates pipeline (without emails or phone calls)

November 8, 2022

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform, pause or reflect

— Mark Twain

Everyone’s inbox is flooded with cold sales emails that we delete and our phones are flooded with nonstop cold calls that we don’t answer. What’s the right approach to get in front of your target audience?

For most sales teams, well, it’s just send more emails and do more cold calls. It’s a numbers game, right?

Not Jarron Vosburg from JumpCrew. He seems to have found a better way to stand out with target prospects, or at least he’s in the process of selling the picks & shovels for what might be gold (or sweet commish long term).

JumpCrew is a company that builds qualified pipeline through fully dedicated sales teams. In short, they drive a TON of business for the companies that they represent owning the full sales & marketing funnel for them.

You must be thinking…so they must send a ton of emails and do a ton of cold calls to generate their own leads for companies that they want to represent. I’m sure they do that, but I was fascinated when I saw Jarron’s refreshing approach to building pipeline without cold emails or cold calls being shared on Linkedin.

Let’s dive in.

Jarron flips the cold email on it’s head by applying the same level of personalization and research to a video-first outreach strategy. It’s kind of like ABM, but instead of a buzzword, an approach that gets you to lean in and learn more.

Here’s an example of one he did for Drizly, my favorite booze delivery app.

<iframe src="" height="399" width="504" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" title="Embedded post"></iframe>

As you can see, he’s able to demonstrate a deeper level of personalization and customization beyond what’s possible in a cold email inputting prospect logos and showcasing that he’s done the work from a research perspective.

The insights connect with what’s likely on the minds of leadership at Drizly from a GTM perspective while layering in JumpCrew’s unique POV around how they’d go about solving for growth of their business. It also cuts to tactics that connect with folks doing the hands-on work at Drizly.

I don’t even remember him mentioning JumpCrew specifically, but rather the focus is on Drizly, their business, their challenges, and potential solutions. He’s indirectly selling JumpCrew by coming through as a solutions expert for their business problems, not just a JumpCrew salesperson.

The distribution channel here is Linkedin and by tagging the brand, it likely gets in feeds of employees and shared internally at the company. It’s especially important to point out that he keeps the content on Linkedin to juice the feed versus making users click out to a landing page, which would hamper feed distribution.

Lastly, the video & audio here is slick and stands out. You can tell he didn’t cheap out on the tooling. It shows they go the extra mile, which makes sense considering that I imagine Drizly could be a big enterprise account for JumpCrew.

In summary, the trade off here inevitably is time. It takes time to shoot the videos and do the research. I imagine you could send tons of personalized cold emails in the time it takes to do one of these. However, with average reply rates less than 1%, I think the future of pipeline generation in cold outbound is not more, but better.

The proof is in the pudding as Jarron shared that he did 6 of these videos which kicked off 6 conversations with these target accounts. 100% reply rate.

Watch this space and check out JumpCrew if you’re looking to take your gtm to the next level.

Learn more about them here :

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