Interactive Demos and Digital Sales Rooms to Transform Your Revenue

Interactive Demos and Digital Sales Rooms to Transform Your Revenue

Interactive Demos and Digital Sales Rooms to Transform Your Revenue

February 12, 2024

Some partnerships are just meant to be. Batman and Robin. Mario and Luigi. Simon and Garfunkel. Now, brace yourselves for Journey and Supademo: two sales enablement tools built to bedazzle potential buyers.

While each tool has its own admirable traits, together they're unstoppable. They provide an exciting sales experience in the key stages of the process. Today, we’ll get you acquainted with them – first separately and then together – to show you how they fit like gloves into your deal-winning playbooks.

Uniting the Power of Storytelling with Interactivity

Journey: Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) to Impress

Getting buyers to experience your product's value actually means engaging them with a story they care about. That's where Journey comes in as the visual path that connects your buyers to the products they need in their lives.

With Journey’s digital sales rooms, you can smooth out the buying process by adding all of your sales collateral to one place. Sharing it with multiple stakeholders is as simple as dropping a single link (not ten of them) into their inboxes. You can:

  • Bring multimedia into a single sales room: responsive slides, video recordings, case studies, interactive blocks and embeds from your favorite tools (like Supademo!)

  • Write your first drafts with the power of generative AI 

  • Automagically insert the buyers’ logo for a personalized experience

  • Create branded and fully customizable themes for each of your Journeys

And more!

That way, you'll be sharing truly valuable experiences that your buyers will want to indulge in. 

As Journey users say:

"Since our entire North America sales team has started using Journey, we have hit our quarterly goal 3 quarters straight. In the 3rd quarter, we broke our company record on business closed. " (Alex Baker, Global Account Executive)

Supademo: Interactive Demos for Hands-On Engagement

“But will this product do exactly what I'm expecting?”

This is a typical concern when buying…well, anything. If you're selling B2B products online, you have a major advantage: you can give buyers the full product experience upfront so it's already a part of their lives even before adoption.

With Supademo, you’ll be guiding users, step-by-step, along the “aha” moment.

You can:

  • Illustrate your features and benefits not through ignorable bullet points, but through clicks and usage

  • Add AI voiceovers and generate text annotations automatically

  • Translate your demos into 15+ languages 

  • Embed demos across support docs, websites, digital sales rooms (like Journey!), and much more

Accelerate time-to-value and drive enablement through the most powerful teacher: action.

"After embedding Supademo and A/B testing on our website, our session duration improved dramatically with page views increasing by 267%." (Eddison Ng, Co-founder & CTO)

Supademo + Journey = Your Deal-Closing Dynamic Duo

Typically, we elevate our Journey presentations by throwing in a Supademo, making the onboarding experience dynamic, fun, and outright impressive. 

With this setup, leads and users can test the product in their own time, mixing and matching interactive demos with Journey’s blocks. 

These can be videos, articles, proposals, and even chatbots.

The users explore at their own pace, whenever they feel like it. They get to discover the product hands-on, which is far more exciting than simply reading about it. This, in turn, increases the chances of adoption. 

Want to see both tools in action? Have a look at the following Journey, in which we’ve embedded a Supademo:

Use Cases: What Can Journey and Supademo Accomplish Together?

Meeting Recaps and Follow-Ups

Journey and Supademo create a professional space where stakeholders, especially those who missed important calls, can catch up effortlessly. Journey serves as a centralized hub for all follow-up materials, ensuring that crucial information isn't lost in cluttered emails.

Use a DSR for follow-ups, and see an uptick in engagement compared to standard email templates. No more sending out emails filled with multiple hyperlinks, yet minimal engagement after the initial click!

Embed Supademo to that same DSR to present interactive demos or showcases that are easily shareable and trackable. This not only makes the follow-up experience a lot smoother but also empowers prospects to better sell the product to key decision-makers.

This centralized hub is sleek, visually appealing, and integrates into any sales process, providing a “wow factor” prospects won’t forget any time soon.

Deal-Closing with Journey and Supademo

The cold hard truth of B2B sales: not everyone will care about your sales enablement materials, especially if they're as dull as dishwater. 

The solution? Spruce them up with attractive and interactive content, and your chances of sealing the deal shoot through the roof. 

After a successful sales call or demo, keeping decision-makers engaged is crucial. Interactive demos come in handy here by bridging the gap for those who couldn't make it to the live session. 

Instead of enduring endless monologues, decision-makers can dive straight into the action, experiencing the product right away and understanding its value without any “fluff.”

User Onboarding

Sales don't end with a simple “yes.” You want customers not just to buy your product but to activate it, keep using it, and refer it to their colleagues. 

When conducted properly, customer onboarding – part of the broader customer success strategy – is directly tied to an 82% higher retention rate. When conducted poorly, onboarding experiences could be to blame for poor adoption. That’s because crucial information may get lost once the sale is closed, leading to a disconnect between the customer and your product.

To make sure they stick around, reinforce your value proposition by showing it – not telling the users about it. By providing them with that “aha” moment through Supademo, you’ll be showing them the value of your product in a tangible way.

Remember: your customers aren't immersed in your product day in and day out like you are. Good onboarding saves both of you from endless time-consuming phone calls and retention headaches.

Tracking Your Prospects’ Behavior

With Journey's and Supademo’s analytics features, sales teams can easily spot successful strategies and adjust their approach accordingly. 

You’ll get a comprehensive view of engagement at every stage of the journey. Your team will finally know what resonated with the clients – and what didn’t. It’s the most reliable way to anticipate stakeholders' preferences even before they mention them.

Key analytics for both platforms include the following:

  • Tracking completion rates for sales room tours and demos to double down on the most engaging materials

  • Monitoring document views to see who accessed which resources

  • Assessing engagement levels and completion rates over various periods

Supademo and Journey in tandem are simple. They give you actionable signals that inform winning decision-making.

Turn Prospects into Advocates

Tool fatigue is a pressing problem for sales teams – but it only tends to happen when those tools don't pair like Brie and Chardonnay. 

Fortunately, Journey and Supademo were made for each other to give you that polished edge that stakeholders expect from B2B sales teams (but rarely get).

Will you be the one to blow their minds with an experience unlike any other they've had before? 💍

If you said “yes,” congratulations! Now, get ready for a shower of positive feedback, quota-crushing, and a higher-than-ever ROI.

Start telling better stories

Start telling better stories

Start telling better stories