LaunchNotes : a case study in buyer enablement

LaunchNotes : a case study in buyer enablement

LaunchNotes : a case study in buyer enablement

November 3, 2022

LaunchNotes is a company that I’ve been watching for awhile. They are the #1 platform for product change communicators. You might ask, WTF does that mean?

The reality in software companies is that launching new products happens all time and as companies have moved to remote work, the organizational silos have been exacerbated. In practice, a lot of customers usually find out about products that have shipped even before people inside the company! That makes people inside the company feel not great when their clients know more than them.

LaunchNotes fixes this by rebuilding the bridges between teams in a personalized and automated way. They ensure the right information gets to the right audiences at the right time and the right fidelity - from VIP clients, to internal teams, to the public.

I’ve been impressed with their GTM in particular. Let’s dive in.

From SEO, I can tell they have strong word-of-mouth as all of their customers have pages with a “powered by Launchnotes” on them which likely drives a lot of inbound for their team in a “bottoms up” approach. They also have some of the most amazing PLG brands like Loom & Amplitude as customers.

When it comes to buyer enablement, I think this is where they are in a league of their own. In my opinion, the north star for b2b enablement is simply catching up to the b2c world. Think of the buying experience with Apple or Tesla - you can do things online, in-person, on any device, and in general you can “choose your own adventure” depending on what you want.

Let’s face it, most b2b buying experiences absolutely suck. It typically looks something like this. You fill out forms, wait to get an email response, you get setup on an interrogation call with a new grad, you get setup on another call…it goes on. This is getting better with the rise of Product Led Growth and overall, the consumerization of business software, but we’re far from the Apple or Tesla buying experience.

LaunchNotes changes the game here. If you go to their website, it’s rich with content across use cases. You can find anything that you’re looking for by clicking around, but you might be saying that’s table stakes.

Where they go the extra mile is in their own “choose your own adventure” style of selling. Specifically, you can :

  • Try the product for free if you’re an end user, tinkerer, or doer who’s ready to roll

  • Watch a demo if you’re not ready to talk to someone but just want to watch a product video to familiarize yourself

  • Join a live demo if you’d like to join a weekly webinar with others like you and ask questions in a group setting

  • Request an async demo if you’d like to get a personalized demo, but watch it on your own time by giving them some information about your business/use case

  • Speak with a product expert if you’re the type of buyer that wants to talk to someone immediately without trying the product

They even have a dedicated page with the specific resources based on your role that would typically be gated behind a salesperson. All there for you to review asynchronously to get you moving on your journey with LaunchNotes (pun intended).

In short, I am very impressed with their intentions of creating an amazing buying experience for prospects, which ultimately meets the prospect wherever they are and offers them the ability to buy however they want to buy.

No wonder they have amazing customer logos like Amplitude, Loom, Atlassian, Mural, Drata, and Shutterstock - just to name a few. Watch this space.

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