New CTA Button Block for Journey

New CTA Button Block for Journey

New CTA Button Block for Journey

January 17, 2024

New CTA Button in Action

It's been amazing to see all the different ways users are leveraging Journey. We've seen Journeys built out for sales teams, customer success teams, product marketers, and of course, founders.

Journey is flexible.

However, one thing is the same across all use cases: Journeys should prompt a next step.

Founders can use a Journey for a pitch deck. The Journey is successful if that pitch deck prompts a call or even an investment.

Sales teams leverage Journeys across their sales process. The use of Journeys is successful if the prospect moves further through the sales funnel and ends up as a "Closed Won" opportunity.

Post-sales teams in CS or AM align their onboarding processes within Journey to make it easy for customers to follow along. A renewal or even a timely onboarding experience enabled by the use of a Journey is considered a success.

Therefore, we wanted to offer another tactical way within Journey to offer or trigger that next step.

The CTA button Block

Call-to-action buttons are common on websites and landing pages. They suggest a next step and often are extremely important in marketing and sales funnels.

We see Journeys as just as important as your website or landing page, so we wanted to offer the same experience of a flexible CTA button. Similarly, you can track the activity of that CTA button within your Journey Insights page.

An alternative option to the Link Block

The CTA button functions similarly to the Link Block, but offers 2 key differences:

  1. Control over branding -- You can pick and choose the colors and the copy of the CTA button so it visually aligns with the rest of your Journey.

  2. Familiarity -- If you have a Journey built out with a goal to prompt an action, using a call-to-action button will offer a familiar experience for the recipient.

If you are leveraging Journey at the top of your funnel in PLG motions or inbound activity, the common "Calendly" block might not be the most relevant next step. Building out a CTA to an upcoming webinar, or whitepaper download, or a sign-up page could be the most qualified next step.

Would love to hear any other cool use cases for the CTA button. Here's a sample Journey with the CTA Button: We also embedded it in a test site here.

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