Please meet Journey Comments

Please meet Journey Comments

Please meet Journey Comments

November 29, 2022

Today we're delighted to introduce commenting to Journey. 

Recipients can now leave comments on Journey steps, and creators can engage and reply to those comments from their inbox on the Journey Dashboard.

Comments help you win deals by letting recipients — investors, job candidates or potential customers — leave comments alongside the content they're viewing. It's a way of keeping the conversation flowing in an elegant and delightful manner.

We built Journey Comments with a simple design brief: don't force people to send awkward emails asking if attachments or links made sense. We felt there was an awesome opportunity for Journey to be not only the delivery mechanism for content, but also the interaction conduit — moving these potentially high value interactions out of awkward email replies and into a fast and effective user interface.

What we're proud of

We're proud that this feature exists and there are a few details we're especially excited about:

  1. Journey creators now have an inbox on the dashboard where they can view and reply to all comments across their Journeys

  2. Both Journey creators and people leaving comments will receive email notifications of replies to their comments

  3. Commenting is real time — it's like a live chat in that if you're looking at a Journey, comments will magically appear as they're sent

How commenting works

Because Journeys can be one-to-one (you create one Journey and send it to one person) or one-to-many (you create one Journey and send it to many people) we've made it so that comments are tied to the Journey link.

One Journey can have many links — you can create a fundraising Journey and then create independent links of that Journey for individual investors.

Comments will be aggregated within those links. This not only ensures that comments are silo'd (meaning random people won't see random comments) but also that comments are silo'd the other way ... meaning if you and I are both viewing the same Journey link, we'll still see our comments collaboratively.

Journey Comments are now live and we'd love to hear your feedback!

View a live demo of Journey Comments in this example Journey.

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