Please meet Journey Insights

Please meet Journey Insights

Please meet Journey Insights

November 10, 2022

We're delighted to ship Journey Insights this week. We hope it is a giant leap towards data driven storytelling.

Equipping the data driven story teller

With Journey Insights we're equipping storytellers to leverage data to iterate and improve on the stories they tell:

  • Sellers can now understand not only where prospects spend their time within Journeys, but how well their sales materials engage recipients across all the Journeys they create, via average time spent

  • Founders can ensure their fundraising story resonates by learning what specific steps in a Journey are and are not engaged with, via step click-through rates

  • Customer Success can understand holistically what content a user has viewed and which they have not yet viewed, via Journey completion rates.

Why this matters

As Gaben once said:

The most important thing you can do is to get into an iteration cycle where you can measure the impact of your work, have a hypothesis about how making changes will affect those variables, and ship changes regularly

We believe this applies to everything you do. Iterate, Measure and Learn.

It's why one of my favourite books is Boyd by Robert Coram (John Boyd invented the OODA loop) and it's why the above quote is my favourite quote!

Having toiled away making fundraising decks, sales materials and onboarding guides, I was constantly left wondering "is this even good?"

Our goal with Journey Insights is to help people answer that question with data. You're able to see how many people engage with your fundraising or sales Journey, and understand what specifically you must do to improve and drive engagement up.

The two sides of Insights

There are two sides to Insights — Journey Insights and Content Insights.

Journey Insights

Journey Insights are insights across steps within a singular Journey — think of it as a funnel for your story.

→ How many people start your story (Journey Opens) and how many people finish your story (Completion Rate)

Content Insights

Content Insights are insights for the content that exists within steps. For example you may have a "Customer Profiles" document that you share in all sorts of Journeys — Content Insights allows you to understand how that document is being engaged with across all the Journeys that use that content.

→ You can see how many people click this step (click through rate) and how much time is spent viewing this content (Average view time)

Try Insights today

Insights — in all their various forms! — are now live from the dashboard. Since this data is retroactively populated, all active users of Journey will see insightful Insights right away.

Journey Insights was easily our most ambitious improvement to date and one that was requested by hundreds of customers and prospects over the past six months, we consider this the start of empowering story tellers to be more data driven and are excited to release many more improvements and approaches to this over the coming weeks, months and years.

You can view Insights from the Journey Dashboard, or sign up for an account here.

Start telling better stories

Start telling better stories

Start telling better stories