The best salespeople make it easier to buy

The best salespeople make it easier to buy

The best salespeople make it easier to buy

January 11, 2023

There are several trends shaping the future of B2B sales :

  • increasing use of technology and automation such as AI-generated emails and call transcriptions generating follow ups

  • growing importance of data such as leveraging product analytics to inform sales activities

  • rise of remote work and virtual selling (DUH!)

  • increasing emphasis on customer experience as NRR becomes the king

However, one that I feel is straightforward yet less talked about is simply making it easier to buy. Start by putting yourself in the shoes of your buyer.

If it’s an exec, they are in meetings all day - if it’s an end user, they might be customer facing all day or in deep work.

Meeting them where they are is becoming the name of the game where you put aside a rigid sales process and make their life easier as they evaluate your solution, custom tailored to them.

A lot of selling is happening beyond the Zoom or phone call which is becoming an increasing area of focus for sellers to help buyers buy.

As with the above quote from a top salesperson, this starts by enabling and empowering them with information. Here are some quick tips we’ve learned from salespeople:


  • Curate sales collateral and third-party information such as user reviews, product comparisons, and analyst reports in a single place

  • Give your buyers multiple channels to engage with you like slack/teams, text, or a digital room

  • Drip helpful, personalized content out to them at the right time to keep them engaged

  • Multi-thread whenever there are multiple people involved in a buying decision


  • Make your buyers jump through hoops to get the information they need

  • Rely on just email for communication, especially with multiple stakeholders

  • Gate-keep information behind calls

  • Leverage content without visibility into engagement to know if it’s resonating

  • Send the same generic content to every stakeholder

  • Forget about enabling your champions to sell internally for you

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