the Journey of Osmos

the Journey of Osmos

the Journey of Osmos

November 23, 2022

Osmos helps companies by eliminating the complexity of ingesting customer data with no-code ETL pipelines and self-serve data uploaders. Osmos customer data ingestion solutions empower users to clean messy customer data by making complex data cleanup simple.

Osmos has been a long standing Journey user and we wanted to profile their journey (hey!) with Journey.

Meet Parker from Osmos

Journey is delighted to chat with Parker Cech, an Account Executive at Osmos (and Journey power user!)

What was life like before Journey?

Prior to Journey, we were having a hard time sharing updated resources, call recordings, and proposals with customers in an engaging way. As most companies do, we shared these items in a handful of different threads via email.

“Journey is an experience”— Parker, Account Executive, Osmos

How has Journey improved your life?

Customers prefer self service, and Journey can provide that with a level of guidance and class. For sellers, analytics provide an inside view of what the customer is interested in, how engaged they are, and if others are joining the conversation.

How do you know Journey is working?

We hear it all the time. Customers love it. From a seller, you're locked out of any conversation that turns internal. With analytics, Journey can give you an idea of where that conversation is focused and who else is getting involved. It's not just a virtual sales room, it's an imperative advantage that informs any seller's ability to add value at a glance and forecast accurately.

What kind of content do you enjoy putting within Journeys?

  • Customer Goals & Objectives

  • Call Recordings

  • Meeting Links

  • Pricing Info

  • Security Documents

  • Looms

  • and Proposals.

What is your favourite Subreddit?


What we would pay our teachers if we paid them like babysitters...

Thanks to Parker and Osmos for sharing their thoughts with us!

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