A CoachEm Case Study: How to Enable Your Sales Champions with Journey.io

A CoachEm Case Study: How to Enable Your Sales Champions with Journey.io

A CoachEm Case Study: How to Enable Your Sales Champions with Journey.io

March 28, 2024

Nowadays, prospects prefer to do their own research before diving into conversations with sales reps. Almost 100% of them, to be exact.

And why not? With content like blog posts, comparisons, YouTube videos, testimonials, and G2 reviews just a click away, they can make informed decisions without having to necessarily interact with a human, 

However, this isn't always the norm in B2B sales. Your champion usually needs to convince multiple stakeholders of your product's worth, eventually reaching out to sales – but only when they're good and ready.

By merging Journey.io and SupaDemo, CoachEm grants clients the freedom to explore at their own pace until they're primed to chat with a sales rep. This not only enhances their experience but also improves sales velocity and retention.

Plus, it's perfectly aligned with the self-service and digital exploration trends in sales, resulting in happier clients who feel more in control of their choices.

“We don't want to lose – or we don't want to discount –  the nimbleness that a Product-Led Growth (PLG) process provides, where people can get “hands on keyboards” and they can explore the product. So we still want to allow people to do that within the structure of an enterprise sale. And so what Journey allows us to do is to facilitate or accommodate that buying process.” 

Colum Lundt, CEO, CoachEm

Who are CoachEm, and What Do They Believe In?

CoachEm offers the world's first AI co-pilot system. It taps into your existing tech stack data to supercharge performance. Through its intuitive CRM-integrated interface and deep-learning AI, CoachEm analyzes behavioral patterns and spots opportunities for improvement, giving managers ready-made recommendations for coaching their teams.

Why Coach Sales Managers?

Managers are the key to delivering personalized coaching and employee development. CoachEm was built on the belief that coaching to behaviors (not conventions) is the best way to get long-term results for your organization.

As a result, the platform accommodates the increasing need for prospects to explore a product on their own before engaging with human representatives – all while making sure they have access to the right information and support when they're up for it.

Which Journey Features Does CoachEm Use? 

User-Level and Content-Level Insights 

At times, even the most exhaustive customer interviews fall short at providing the necessary data. Traditional methods like interviews or surveys lack real-time insights into how customers interact with your sales collateral or who engages with it.

Journey is the solution that fills this gap for the CoachEm team. With real-time customer insights, it becomes the ideal digital sales room tool for improving sales presentations and refining strategies on the fly.

Personalization and Integrations

Journey doesn’t only enable teams like CoachEm to easily create and personalize their sales presentations, but it also allows them to add YouTube videos, Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheets, forms, surveys…Everything they need to win over every stakeholder, no matter how many there are.

On top of these embedded features, there's a slew of integrations available, including Gong, Figma, Calendly, and all those tools teams are already using to engage with customers and highlight their value.

But let's talk about the Journey integration they love the most – SupaDemo.

SupaDemo offers interactive demo solutions, letting users explore the product on their terms, even before they're ready to chat with a sales rep. Even after scouring online reviews and testimonials, some users prefer to see the product in action before making a decision. And before watching a live demo. 

SupaDemo allows Journey users to incorporate interactive product demos at any stage of the buyer's journey. Potential customers get a firsthand look at what they should expect.

“How we're leveraging the combination (of Journey + SupaDemo) is we're allowing these prospective clients to learn more about us, to go further and further into their journey, into their assessment, and leveraging Journey.io to sort of facilitate that process. So you can imagine that when someone comes to our site, they're able to get a high-level overview of the product demo using SupaDemo. They're able to click a button and receive a Journey tailored to their persona where they can continue to explore.” 

Results Beyond a Self-Paced User Experience

With the Journey and SupaDemo combo, CoachEm connects the buying experience to each potential client's persona and preferences. They give them access to high-level overviews and product demos. Of course, without the need for scheduling another meeting.

“They don't have to talk to someone if they don't want to. We obviously want them to talk. We think human engagement is the best way for both parties to learn more about each other. But we want to make sure that they do it when they're ready."

How You, Too, Can Enable Your Champions

The truth is that your champions have done their fair share of research before reaching out to you. But if you want to close the deal as swiftly as possible, you still need to ensure every piece of information is readily available.

However, keep in mind that you're not just dealing with one decision-maker

"The larger the deal size, the more people are involved in the buying process. There's a lot of data out there that shows it could be eight to 11 people these days, depending on the size of the deal. And so we wanna make sure that we are providing that nimble, sort of lean, fast, go-to-market that PLG typically provides."

That's like having to impress eight bosses at once.

But that's precisely what Journey was designed for: convincing all your stakeholders with a single, mighty link. Prospects love Journey because it simplifies their lives when considering your product, offering personalized one-on-ones rather than answering general questions.

Meanwhile, sales teams love Journey for its insightful analytics. Stakeholders can explore your Journey while you remain on standby in case they need assistance. The moment they have a question or comment, you'll receive instant notifications to step in at the right moment.

Follow in CoachEm’s footsteps, and let your champions self-select their path to a lasting relationship with your solution. Are you ready?

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